So I got my new beaglebone black in the mail today and decided to take it for a spin.

Go to getting started, install the drivers. Make sure you can write a blinking lights program.

Plug in the beaglebone to an ethernet port somewhere

Pull up your terminal


sudo apt-get install xboxdrv

in your cloud9 IDE terminal run this command

npm install node-xbox-drv

Very similar to arduino

Can just use a node library to attach to the controller

Make a new file and put this in it

var xbox = require('node-xboxdrv');
var controller = new xbox("045e","028e",{});
var b = require('bonescript');

b.pinMode("USR0", b.OUTPUT);
b.pinMode("USR1", b.OUTPUT);
b.pinMode("USR2", b.OUTPUT);
b.pinMode("USR3", b.OUTPUT);


var state = b.LOW;

function toggle() {
if(state == b.LOW) state = b.HIGH;
else state = b.LOW;
b.digitalWrite("USR3", state);