Somehow I was not aware of this thing. It is a build tool for microcontrollers

Seems like people basically like it. 1000+ stars on github

python -m pip install -U platformio

make a folder

platformio init –board icestick

Holy crap. Is this thing going to download and setup the tools? THAT. IS. AWESOME. If it works.

Better yet clone this bad boy

go to the blink folder.

platformio run

platformio run –target upload

Holy. Hell. It worked. THAT IS NUTS.

The commands it ran to compile

yosys -p "synth_ice40 -blif .pioenvs/icestick/hardware.blif" -q src/counter.v
arachne-pnr -d 1k -P tq144 -p /home/philip/Documents/platformio-examples/lattice_ice40/lattice_ice40-counter/src/counter.pcf -o .pioenvs/icestick/hardware.asc .pioenvs/icestick/hardware.blif

Hmm. I’m puzzled. Where did this come from? How did it know counter.v?

Mecrisp has an icestick version. Intriguing (Mecrisp is a forth implementation)

had to sudo apt install libreadline6 and gtkwave to run simulation

I had to follow these instructions to get the FTDI device to work

and change the platformio.ini file to say icestick instead of icezum. Actually i don’t think that is necessary.