Bought one of these discovery boards for 15$ from digikey. I like the built in stuff, like the 9axis mems device. I don’t enjoy wiring up little boards particularly and it makes every project so ephemeral.

I am concerned that I should have gotten the older board.

User manual has pin connectors

It’s in as


Huh it only supports STM32Cube? I kind of wanted to try libOpenCM3

start a project with

platformio init –board disco_f411ve

platformio run

The examples are invaluable

ok. There is a blink for the Hardware abstraction layer (HAL) and Low level (LL)

Hmm. Neither blink examples work off the bat. SYS_CLOCK is undefined for Low level

and board not supported in the HAL.

Alright let’s try libopencm3

make in top directory first

follow directions to init submodule

alirght I guess I need to download the arm toolchain

I put them on my path

export PATH=~/Downloads/gcc-arm-none-eabi-7-2017-q4-major/bin:$PATH

Then ran make

also need to apt install gawk

editted the Makefile of miniblink

stm32f411re stm32f4 ROM=512K RAM=128K

that’s the right config even though re is wrong

Okay was getting weird error

sudo make flash V=1

the V=1 gives verbose

I may have had to apt install openocd?

Need to run under sudo. Go fig.

Alright got some blinking! WOOO

Ah I see. PD12 is PortD12. Makes sense.