A playlist I keep in no particular order. In particular I recommend Gottesman’s Quantum Information Course from Perimeter Institute which has tons of other interesting physics courses and colloquia as well.  Also check out the CSSQI lectures. Some of these videos are just links to a whole glut of connected videos from the same people, so look on the sidebar and at other videos from the same users.


Preskill’s classic notes. I don’t find them very approachable?


Quantum Computing since Democritus. Unbelievable.


I liked these


The Simons Institute has had some interesting workshops. I coincidentally have been interested in SAT problems recently coming from a logic side.


Recommended Books:

Nielson and Chaung - The standard

Kitaev and other - Classical and Quantum Information


Mark Wilde - Quantum Information. Much less quantum computation. Good different perspective.

Interesting Languages - Both have tutorial videos available

Quipper - Haskell based

Liquid - Microsofty F# based

IBM Quantum Experience - Let’s you run on real hardware!


Rigetti has a similar thing going on