So I tried tying my esp8266 to the 2$ nano i just received in the mail. Was getting nothing for a while. Needed an external power supply to work. Too bad.

useful link

Set serial monitor to both NL & CR line returns and 9600 baud to get it to respond to AT with OK.

firmware version

AT+GMR 0018000902-AI03


sets it into some mode? Necessary for the next step to work

CW stands for?

List Access Points

AT+CWLAP lists local access points

Join access point

AT+CWJAP=”local access point”,” password”

I’ve noticed that the esp is available from my computer

AT+CIFSR tells me the IP addresses

I belive one is its ip as a client and one as an access point.

I do not have a great success rate with commands. The serial is getting garbled

Gonna try loading up that custom firmware

Looks like there is a python script to load the firmware

Or Maybe I’m done for today.