I implemented an ordered pair type in Idris. Took me a while.


Already has an inequality type. That may have been better to use.

Exploration and guesswork was necessary. How the heck do I get a hotkey for holes in atom?

The first couple Opairs are ordinary pairs. Just exploring the syntax.

I switched out of InEq which explicitly stores the number it is talking about to better match the equality type.

The Inequality type acts something like a mix of Nat and Equality.

My head hurts and I’m dehydrated.

data OPair1 a = SimplePair1 a a

data OPair2 : Type -> Type where
  SimplePair2 : a -> a -> OPair2 a

data OPair3 : Type -> Type where
  SimplePair3 : (Ord a) => a -> a -> OPair3 a

data InEq : Nat -> Nat -> Type where
  Refly : (t:Nat) -> InEq t t
  Succy : InEq a b -> InEq a (S b)

data InEq' : Nat -> Nat -> Type where
  Refly' : InEq' t t
  Succy' : InEq' a b -> InEq' a (S b)

data InEq'' : Nat -> Nat -> Type where
  Refly'' : InEq'' Z t
  Succy'' : InEq'' a b -> InEq'' (S a) (S b)

data OPair4 : Type where
  SPair : (t : Nat) -> (s : Nat) -> (InEq t s) -> OPair4

data OPair5 : Type where
  SPair5 : (t : Nat) -> (s : Nat) -> (InEq' t s) -> OPair5

-- a useful lemma
convert4 : InEq' s t -> InEq' (S s) (S t)
convert4 Refly' = Refly'
convert4 (Succy' x) = Succy' (convert4 x)

addpair : OPair5 -> OPair5 -> OPair5
addpair (SPair5 s s Refly') (SPair5 k k Refly') = SPair5 (s+k) (s+k) Refly'
addpair (SPair5 Z Z Refly') (SPair5 t b p) = (SPair5 t b p)
addpair (SPair5 (S x) (S x) Refly') (SPair5 t b p) = addpair (SPair5 x x Refly') (SPair5 (S t) (S b) (convert4 p))
addpair (SPair5 x (S y) (Succy' z)) (SPair5 t b p) = addpair (SPair5 x y z) (SPair5 t (S b) (Succy' p))
--addpair (SPair5 t (S b) (Succy' x)) (SPair5 k s y) = addpair (SPair5 t b x) (SPair5 k (S s) (Succy' y))

convert : (t : Nat) -> (s : Nat) -> InEq' t (s + t)
convert t Z = Refly'
convert t (S k) = Succy' (convert t k)

convert2 : (s : Nat) -> InEq' 0 (plus s 0)
convert2 s = convert Z s

--convert3 : InEq' 0 (plus s 0) -> InEq' 0 s
--convert3 p = replace ?sda ?sdf

convert3 : (s : Nat) -> InEq' 0 s
convert3 s = replace (plusZeroRightNeutral s) (convert2 s)

incrementpair : OPair5 -> OPair5
incrementpair (SPair5 x y z) = SPair5 (S x) (S y) (convert4 z)

sortpair : (Nat,Nat) -> OPair5
sortpair (Z, Z) = SPair5 Z Z Refly'
sortpair (Z, y) = SPair5 Z y (convert3 y)
sortpair (y, Z) = sortpair (Z, y)
sortpair (S x, S y) = incrementpair (sortpair (x,y))
--sortpair (S x, S y) = addpair (SPair5 1 1 Refly') (sortpair (x,y))

--addpair (SPair5 x x Refly') (SPair5 x2 y2 p) = (SPair5 (x2+x) (y2+x) p)
--addpair (SPair5 x (S y) (Succy' p1)) (SPair5 x2 y2 p) = addpair (SPair5 x y p1) (SPair5 x2 (S y2) (Succy' p1))

natToInEq : Nat -> InEq' Z t
natToInEq Z = Refly'
notToIneq (S x) = Succy' (natToInEq x)

maybeOPair : Nat -> Nat -> Maybe OPair5
maybeOPair a b = if (a <= b) then Just (SPair5 a b (natToInEq (b-a)))else Nothing
-- sortpair is a better maybepair. maybepair could be implemented