So I finally got the orange pi running.It hasn’t been hard, it just has not been a priority.

I bought one months ago when I saw it on hackaday for 15$. Took a month or so to arrive. Then I realized it has kind of a weird power adapter port (not powered by usb like the raspbery ) so I bought one of those and that took a bit.

I went to a sketchy chinese website and downloaded the image for the “orange pi pc” Lubuntu.

I don’t know why I picked lubuntu now, but seems like a reasonable choice.

Clicked on the image on my ubuntu box and brought up a disk image program that let me install on the orange pi.

Popped the sd card in that bad boy. Booted right up. Can ssh into it with user orangepi, password orangepi.

Updated all the crap.

Installed nodejs and npm using apt-get install and symlinked (sudo ln -s )node to nodejs.

It all seems fine. Pretty Neat.