opencascade - open source brep engine bottle tutorial OCCT


fornjot solvespace open cad foundatin

truck rust cad kernel Looks nice. Does it do anything?

MarshallB used for CAD Sound and Robust Solid Modeling via Exact Real Arithmetic and Continuity - Ben Sherman giving a talk on this some other related publications and thesis. differntiable

gmsh meshing A three-dimensional finite element mesh generator with built-in pre- and post-processing facilities





JoinABLe: Learning Bottom-up Assembly of Parametric CAD Joints Zeo - Z/Geometry and optics computation library


blockbench simple block based minecrafty editor . web editor.


online viewer for cad use open cascade and emscripten. meshgpt


Unity - The Big Dog

Unreal Engine 4. Kind of scares me

Godot - 3d and 2d. Kind of a Unity clone with

Love - Lua, supposed to be simple. 2D. All programmatic

PyGame - Old, and python. Lot’s a support questions going to be avaiable. 2D

pico8 drag and drop retro game creator

VR / XR / AR sideloading

Space adventure zone

WebVR is deprecated WebXR

aframe ctrl-alt-i opens up isnpector. pretty cool. web gl scene format can be exported



unity has a third party exporter

meta quest for business vr eable keybards


b-rep Step file NURBS

constructive solid geometry


point cloud icp iterative

Computer Vision


Graphics grahics from scratch> Keenan Crane. So good. Intro to graphics Justin Solomon

Line art from images cvpr

Shane’s shadertoys. well documented

Shaders pt 1

Draw SVG rope using JavaScript

crazy generative audio stuff

attributes - sent to vertex shader uniform - paramters sent to shaders varying sent to fragment shader

Bloom effect

mix mod

Gamma correction and color mixing

green coordinates

Siggraph siggraph retrospective- Seminal Graphics Papers: Pushing the Boundaries, 50 year retro

Ray tracng in one weekend ray tracgin in C. fancy looking with lots of features


Inkscape Logos by nick seemspretty good

Ctrl is important key in inksapce. lock. spacebare for duplicate stamp S for select alignment can pick relative shape union - shape differenc Circle control nodes for arc and rounding corners. Convert to path. How I draw figures for my mathematical lecture notes using Inkscape How I’m able to take notes in mathematics lectures using LaTeX and Vim


See also: partial differential equations

code_aster - solid mechanics solving moose - Sandia National Lab Cubic elmer salome openfoam- fluid mechanics stuff

  • Sfepy
  • Fenics, dolfin
  • BEM++
  • Gerris
  • ASL
  • meshpy
  • SolidPython
  • Skidl