Core Stuff

But also who cares, ya know? Ashcroft and Mermin, Kittel

Band Diagrams Tight binding model Wannier States


Fermi liquids

QFT for solid state


Mesoscopic physics

2d electron gas coulomb blockade ballistic conduction the quantum of conductance - speckle patterns, weak localization

Supriyo Datta Books: Quantum Transport Lessons from Nanoelectronics: A New Perspective on Transport Electronic Transport in Mesoscopic Systems


Non equilbrium Green’s function Landauer-buttiker formalism

Landauer formula

Topological Materials Toplogical materials Su-schrieffer-hieger model Kitaev model - Honeycomb model The periodic table topological insulators grounds state degeneracy Edge states Topological protection Charles Kane

open online course on topology in condensed matter.

Berry Phase

Foucault pendulum. It precesses it’s plane as it is transported around the earth. Proportional to solid angle it sweeps out. Adiabatic changes to systems can induce subtle effects. Chern numbers geometric / berry phase

Topological defects

This is kind of another thing, but it does classify as topological physics

Quantum Hall Effect

Cyclotron orbits cycltron orbits bouncing along an edge Aharonov-bohm effect Landau levels

Fractional Anyons - Preskill notes

Chern-simons theory - revi Non-Abelian Anyons and Topological Quantum Computation

Charge flux duality composite fermions

Laughlin wavefunctions

anyons in python topological quantum computeration notes preskill for beginners Bosons vs Fermions. Abelian anyons F matrix R matrix

import numpy as np

Bosonization 1d electron gas, luttinger liquid Bosonization for Beginners — Refermionization for Experts

Kac Moody luttinger liquid Mattis Lieb 1965 Thierry Giamarchi’s Quantum Physics In One Dimension

jordan wigner trasnformation

Fancy stuff I barely ever knew about

Anderson localization Kondo effect superconductivity spin liquid landau theory - symettry breaking disorder Wess Zumino Witten Schrieffer Wolf Hubbard Model Scaling Laws critical points Widom Scaling. Rushbrook inqueality Bose Einstein Condensate


Wen’s book Pierce Mahan Fradkin’s Field Theories of Condensed Matter Physics Ashcroft and mermin