Physics Engines

pybullet ten minues physics Verlet Physics: Simple but effective method for physics simulations in games | IGDC 2021

matter js game physics from scratch game physics in one weekend box2d chipmunk rust physics engine

Position based dynamics Impulse based

Collision detection


Fluid Simulation for Computer Animation bridson

Julia GMSH petsc fluid sim


erin catto

Discrete time and space? Allow some overlap? Collisions using force fields

Reduce everything to points Reduce everything to AABB Model paths as R -> R? But then how to FRP? Hierarchy of scales? Collisions as discrete events is tough

Organizational scheme Use classes? collide(A,B)? return point? true/false? region included in both? AABB? Maximal AABB? inside(x,A) ? point query?

javascript AD. Forward mode prob. No overloading sucks.


Good resources

Ericson book on collision detection

Ian Millington Game Physics Engine

Forum listing of resources

I’ve seen a couple phd theses mentioned