Feb 9 2023 - Coffee Table

We were thinking a live edge table, but it was annoying to figure out how to source it. I guess that would also make me super basic? We cannot fight who we are.

Instead got a beefy common board of pine, and one smaller less beefy one. Then we went to rockler to get a little mahogany accent strip.

We cut the boards to size and clamped and glued them together. Then planed everything smooth, sanded, and started applying a satin finish

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Jan 18 2023 - TV Stand

Need a TV stand to not look like an insane person. We found a TV stand model to mimic on wayfair. Ben modeled it up in onshape. Bought 3 plywood boards Used a Dado stack to cut slots. dialed in the fit to be snug. Came out pretty nice. Not sure it’s much of a money svaer to do things this way, but it is satisfying.

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