Get the wok smoking hot before even adding oil. Helps non stick?

I feel like my internal model if what matters and doesn’t for cooking is way off. Some things seem like a waste of time joo joo and i just want to ignore them.

You want to brown stuff. You want the pan hotter than I’d think I probably stir too often, not allowing crispiness.

Roasting spices? In oil?

I swear curries/chilis are more flavorful after being in the fridge for some time. Why?

Eggs, lower heat. Lots of stirring/whipping. Parmesan

Bacon, cream, and butter are really good.

Tomato paste is good.

Worcestershire sauce is good.

Red pepper flakes

I think Connie is right. Contact with the baking sheet helps baked veggies.

Knife skills. How much does evenness/size of chops help? I’m still kind of skeptical of this one

Do small greens like cilantro and parsley matter? Is it wrong to even put them in the same class? It is a pain to stock these imo

Acid: Lemon and lime. Vinegar. Cuts fat?

Rice theory: Wash rice? Pressure cook? Salt and/or butter in rice before cook? Sushi rice: sugar + vinegar

The broiler is amazing. There is a reason ovens have a whole mode.

Pickled veggies can be quite the treat. See kimchi. Or pickled onions.

Broth instead of water in some dishes. An opportunity for more flavor.

A touch of sugar sometimes. We used to make a spaghetti sauce where sugar was essential. Now I m not so sure of that one

Cooking with wine. Not necessarily cooking wine.

When do you want garlic and onion

MSG: does it do much?


  • Turkey chili
  • Blend a full lime + condensed milk
  • Salmon + bacon kale
  • Salmon + paprika baked
  • Baked Veggies. Olive oil on broccoli + carrots + sprots


I’m not a drinker really. Puke easy, hate the taste. Also health wise, it seems society is leaning towards the less the better. However, it has massive social benefits. I sound like a vulcan.