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Homogenous Coordinates

Make one more coordinate then you need. You decide the overall scale no longer matters. The point (1,3) is the same point as (2,6). The simple model is that of a pinhole camera. If the pinhole is at (0,0,0), then all point light sources on a line stretching through the pinhole make equivalent images. It strangely turns out that these coordinates have beautiful properties.


In homogenous coordinates,



Classical geometry. Euclidean lines and points and circles

Algebraic birational

Griffiths, Phillip; Harris, Joseph (1978). Principles of Algebraic Geometry. Hartshorne, Robin Algebraic Geometry.

Differential manopt.jl manifolds.jl “The seven major libraries for differential geometry in Python are Pymanopt (Townsend et al., 2016), Geomstats (Miolane et al., 2020), Geoopt (Kochurov et al., 2020), TheanoGeometry (Kühnel and Sommer, 2017), Jax Geometry (Kühnel and Sommer, 2017), Tensorflow RiemOpt (Smirnov, 2021), and McTorch”

Visual differential geometry Functional differential geometry

Differential forms

coordinate free abstract manifold type

type M = { 
    [(string, I , Rn -> M) ] 
    [string,string, I,I ,Rn -> Rn] I is interval of overlap
type M = {Rn, [Rn -> R] } # intersection of constrain maps embedded in higher Rm

x : M -> R


Discrete Geometry

Convex Geometry

  • See convex optimization

Automated Theorem Proving handbook of geometric constraint systems

A Deductive Database Approach to Automated Geometry Theorem Proving and Discovering

Automated reasoning in geometry theorem proving with Prolog

Affine geometry of collinearity and conditional term rewriting A good maude example probably

TGTP thouands of geometrical problems

basic properties of triangles isabelle jacques fleuriot Ritt-Wu method. Use polynomial divisiion once? Seems kind of weak, but maybe Automated Geometric Theor omated Geometric Theorem Proving: W ving: Wu’s Method s Method Prove-It EuclidZ3