snap install zig --classic --beta

zig init-exe zig translate-c

const std = @import("std");

pub fn main() void {
    std.debug.print("Hello Zig!\n", .{});
    std.debug.print("Hello {}\n", .{2023}); // Hello 2023
    std.debug.print("Hello {s}! {d}\n", .{"Zig", 2023}); // Hello Zig! 2023

    var x: i8 = -100;     // Signed 8-bit integer
    var y: u8 = 120;      // Unsigned 8-bit integer
    var z: f32 = 100.324; // 32-bit floating point

    std.debug.print("x={}\n", .{x});        // x=-100
    std.debug.print("y={}\n", .{y});        // y=120
    std.debug.print("z={d:3.2}\n", .{z});   // z=100.32
    const LogType = enum {

    const ltInfo =;
    const ltErr = LogType.err;

    std.debug.print("{}\n", .{ltInfo}); //
    std.debug.print("{}\n", .{ltErr});  // main.main.LogType.err

fn add(a: i8, b: i8) i8 {
    return a + b;

zigzap/zap: A micro-framework for building web backends JakubSzark/zig-string: A string library for Zig kooparse/zalgebra: Linear algebra library for games and real-time graphics zigimg/zigimg: Zig library for reading and writing different image formats ziglibs/ini: A simple INI parser for Zig

Good C interop supposedly. Such that you don’t really need to write bindings? c_int

No libc by default but easy to add in

ReleaseSafe mode detects undefined behavior.


Cool oppurtunirty for some staged metapgoramming stuff right? Like KMP, parsers, etc Generics are calculated types which feels a bit mindblowing (?) Maybe that is’nt that crazy from system f perspective