HLS SystemC - C++ classes for event driven simulation. Kind of an embedded dsl verilog ish systemverilog - https://github.com/zachjs/sv2v/ systemverilgo to verilog converter What is AXI

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Verification_Methodology - verification language

Bluespec Silicon Compiler - what is this?

Circt - llvm project

SpecVerilog: Adapting Information Flow Control for Secure Speculation


https://funnyplaying.com/products/fpgbc-kit fpga gameboy https://github.com/makhowastaken/GWGBC_FW GOWIN GW2ARLV18EQ144PC/7 20kLUT 144pin QFP package Aora SRAM based FPGA https://github.com/YosysHQ/apicula it’s on the radar https://www.reddit.com/r/GowinFPGA/wiki/tutorials/getting_started_tang python3 -m pip install apycula

analog retro is a cyclone V https://www.analogue.co/developer openfpga

https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/Wiki_MiSTer/wiki - MiSTer FPGA DE10-nano reporduction of classic comptuers arcade games

https://github.com/amaranth-lang amaranth hdl - reviousely nmigen. Installs yosys too

https://f4pga.org/ gcc for fpga. Wrapper organzation for some open fpga toolchains

https://icestudio.io/ gui apio osss-cad-suite

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGN0g9jgsUc&ab_channel=PsychogenicTechnologies interesting channel

https://nostarch.com/gettingstartedwithfpgas Getting Started with FPGAs book. From nandland Russell Merrick. Will’s friend.



https://wiki.sipeed.com/hardware/en/tang/Tang-Nano-Doc/install-the-ide.html#burn-in-linux education edition https://wiki.sipeed.com/hardware/en/tang/Tang-Nano-Doc/flash-in-linux.html

https://github.com/trabucayre/openFPGALoader Ok so I add a verilog file click “use DONE as regular io” in project config. What does that mean? error code pr2017 add in pin constraints. change type of clock pin for some reason LVCMOS33 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LVCMOS

https://wiki.sipeed.com/hardware/en/tang/Tang-Nano-Doc/flash-in-linux.html Falshing. Insalled openfpgaloader. sudo ./openFPGALoader -b tangnano9k pnr/Tang_nano_9K_LCD.fs -f to more permanently flash

https://github.com/sipeed/TangNano-9K-example ok this was pretty easy. Maybe the ide is eaiser than using open source tooling



Some of my blog posts Simple Nand2Tetris Verilog CPU Nand2tetris in verilog and coq

https://nandland.com/introduction-to-verilog-for-beginners-with-code-examples/ nandland https://www.fpga4fun.com/ http://fpga4fun.com/PongGame.html https://asic-world.com/verilog/veritut.html litex

Verilog is a bit dual brained. In one sense it is a hardware design language. In this sense it’s almost just a netlist, aka a graph data structure describing a circuit. Each module can has ports which are wired up internally. Internal instantiations of modules are named.

module mynot(input a, output b);
    nand U1(b,a,a); // output, input, input.

In another sense it is a behavioral specification language describing parallel running tasks.

In another sense it a test bench language.

It is kind of a pile of hot garbage.

The delay annotation for 10 ticks is #10. I feel like this should have a semicolon (kind of a sleep statement), but it does not.

assign statements are a nice way to describe combinational logic.

icarus verilog is an easy enough to use simulator. https://iverilog.fandom.com/wiki/Main_Page https://iverilog.fandom.com/wiki/Getting_Started.

iverilog myfile.v

Defining regular assertions https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13904794/assert-statement-in-verilog Maybe a better approach is to use verilator?

module foo;
  initial begin
endmodule //foo

Comments are // initial is not even a statement. What syntactic category is it? The prduced file is a vvp textfile bitvectors are described in a very odd way. [lastbitindex:firstbitindex]

tasks/processes: initial vs always symbiyosys. Pretty cool seeming

https://verilogguide.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html FPGA design with verilog

bluespec - chris says. Chris is nuts though. he drank so much koolaid he slams through walls

https://www.asic-world.com/verilog/veritut.html verilog tutorial. There’s some weird stuff in here

https://twitter.com/pdp7/status/1458115920811868165?s=20 tiups on university courses using ice40 and open source https://github.com/icebreaker-fpga/icebreaker-workshop

https://github.com/philzook58/nand2coq/tree/master/verilog actually some kind of fun stuff in here.

Staged bluespec

Bluespec - ready and enable signals. Do not a assume any particular latency Also suppress clk signal

The essence of bluespec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5W9v-n-EZuo&ab_channel=ACMSIGPLAN Koika

The rachit-averse Filament - time aware data types Dahlia

Conal Elliott - circuits as categories


see also:

  • automata

https://github.com/diffblue/hw-cbmc bounded model checker based on cbmc

echo "
module foo(input a, input b, output c);
    //assign c = a & b;
    assert property(c == a);
" > /tmp/foo.v
ebmc /tmp/foo.v --top foo -p "(a & b) == c" --trace

https://github.com/YosysHQ/oss-cad-suite-build Yosys bmc sby driver for yosys. Why do I need a driver? eqy equivalnce checking mcy mutation testing (fuzzing)

yosys-smtbmc -s z3 /tmp/foo.v

The properetary tools have all sorts of stuff. Oh well.

modelc checking contest petri nets? Not seeing familiar systems here hardware model checkers contest

Logic Synthesis

https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=38843675 A Simulated Annealing FPGA Placer https://stefanabikaram.com/writing/fpga-sa-placer/

Sam Cowards stuff. Could be fun

Logic Optimizaton

https://www.iwls.org/iwls2023/program.php IWLS international workshop on logic synthesis

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXdAIqeu9ck&ab_channel=IEEECASSRioGrandedoSulChapter Mischenko EDA Physical synthesis word to bit - bit blastig verific delay aware, congestion aware bitg blasting word level rewriting open cores SAT sweeper NPN matcher logic sharing extractoin gat sizing retiming delay optimization false path analysis equiv checking model checking routing scheduling bit-parallel SIM reverse SIM deep ntegration of sat solver and simulator cuts retiming - move flip flips through comibational nodes. Forward retiming, backward retiminig Peichen Pan - retiming + mapping miter patching with equivalence checking engineering change orders ECO 2013 2021 comp

minisat aiger, si, abc, yoys, repklce the openroad project https://github.com/The-OpenROAD-Project simple SOP simple BDD decomp using truth tabes IWL contest


simple partial product booth partial product

algorithms for physical design https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHVGNaSF1Js&list=PLynNd6jjBBrrQ87Q4n0t-4QFG0MZdCgTq&index=10&ab_channel=IEEECASSRioGrandedoSulChapter

Formal verification of modular multipliers using symbolic computer algebra and boolean satisfiability

custom SAT solvers

SAT sweeper. Equivalence checking, Align the subcircuits Prove internal equivlanece. 2001 paper

NPN - euiqvalce classes of functions modulo negation or inputs, permuation, negation of outputs

Two level synthesis ESPRESSO Quine-Mcclusky Petricek

Multi level logic syntehsis

binary decision diagrams and inverter graphs, majority nverter graphs algerbaic methods don’t care optmization https://si2.epfl.ch/~demichel/graduates/theses/winston.pdf SAT methods for multi level syntehsis. Recent

https://people.eecs.berkeley.edu/~alanmi/publications/other/multi_level.pdf multilevel review. Brayton 90 https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Satrajit-Chatterjee-3/publication/221061882_DAG-aware_AIG_rewriting_a_fresh_look_at_combinational_logic_synthesis/links/0c9605350467495133000000/DAG-aware-AIG-rewriting-a-fresh-look-at-combinational-logic-synthesis.pdf DAG aware AIG rewriting

And invertwr grapphs - AIGR lbrary https://github.com/arminbiere/aiger

ABC https://github.com/berkeley-abc/abc ABC: System for Sequential Logic Synthesis and Formal Verification rewriting 4 input logic cones balancing

Multivariate horner schemes https://mathoverflow.net/questions/28459/how-to-implement-horner-s-scheme-for-multivariate-polynomials It isn’t clear greedy isn’t pretty good and it isn’t clear that DAG matters. “Unfortunately”, distributiity reifies DAG sharing into tree size. https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/1436204/computationally-efficient-form-to-evaluate-multivariate-polynomials

yosys technology mapping

Defunct? MVSIS SIS

Fraiging - functionally reduced aig. SAT sweeping CEC engine

https://www.synopsys.com/glossary/what-is-equivalence-checking.html connectivity checking X propagation




https://yosyshq.net/yosys/documentation.html the presentation is quite nice

# -p is inline commands
#yosys -p "quit" 
yosys -p "help"
echo "
module hello(input1, output1);
    input input1;
    output output1;
  assign output1 = input1;
endmodule // hello
" > /tmp/example.v
# synthesize
yosys -o /tmp/example.blif -S /tmp/example.v
cat /tmp/example.blif

commands: read_{aiger, blif, ilang,json,liberty,verilgo}, eval, flatten, hierarchy, proc, opt, techmap, abc, clean, write_blif,

outputs write_*: aiger, blig, btor, edif, firrtl, ilang, text, json, intersynth, smtlib, smv, spice, connectivity, verilog,


liberty files contain hardware maps?

“synth” is a high level command that runs stuff like proc, memory, opt, techmap, etc.



After synthesis it has to be placed and routed


array wallace tre dadda tree compressor tree

riple carry carry look ahead brent-kung adder lander-fischer adder

computer airthemtic algorithms


OpenABC-D: A Large-Scale Dataset For Machine Learning Guided Integrated Circuit Synthesis https://github.com/NYU-MLDA/OpenABC EPFL benchamrk suite https://www.epfl.ch/labs/lsi/page-102566-en-html/benchmarks/ https://github.com/lsils/benchmarks

IWLS benchmarks https://iwls.org/iwls2005/benchmarks.html


https://www.dropbox.com/s/qrl9svlf0ylxy8p/ABC_GettingStarted.pdf getting started

echo "module rca2 (a0, b0, a1, b1, s0, s1, s2);
//-------------Input Ports Declarations-----------------------------
input a0, b0, a1, b1;
//-------------Output Ports Declarations-----------------------------
output s0, s1, s2;
wire c0;
assign s0 = a0 ^ b0 ;
assign c0 = a0 & b0 ;
assign s1 = a1 ^ b1 ^ c0;
assign s2 = (a1 & b1) | (c0 & (a1 ^ b1));
endmodule" > /tmp/example.v
echo "
read /tmp/example.v
read_dsd a*b+c
read_truth 10000000; bdd; print_kmap
miter -h # conver to equivelnce checknig circuit
" | abc

read command. There are a number of formats. One is just equations

balance renode rewrite

https://github.com/mvcisback/py-aiger-abc SIMPLIFY_TEMPLATE = ‘read {0}; dc2; dc2; dc2; fraig; write_aiger -s {0}’


https://fmv.jku.at/aiger/ https://github.com/arminbiere/aiger command line tools

py-aiger. Oh this is a pure python thing. Is there even much to it?

import aiger

x, y, z, w = aiger.atoms('x', 'y', 'z', 'w')

expr1 = z.implies(x & y)
expr2 = z & w

circ1 = expr1.with_output('z').aig       # Get AIG for expr1 with output 'z'.
circ2 = circ1 >> circ2                # Feed outputs of circ1 into circ2.

aiger library - biere

(datatype AIG
  (And AIG AIG)
  (Not AIG)

(rewrite (Not (Not x)) x)