Got tipped off to ngspice. Circuit simulation. Not bad. Can’t get it to graph properly on my computer though. I vastly prefer specifying the circuit in a file to specifying it in a schematic. That sucked.

is a solid online doohickey

**** Sweet LC Circuit ***

*element type is designated by first letter
*format is node node value
L1 0 1 1mH
C1 0 1 1uC
R1 1 0 1000

*vs 2 0 DC 1 sin(0 1 5.032e3)

*set icitial conditions for v1
.ic v(1)=1

*Do transient analysis and plot from 1ms to 2ms
.TRAN 10us 2mS 1mS
.plot tran v(1)

*Gotta end stuff


Hypothetically this is a copy of that code. Wonder how long that’ll last

Axebot Lives.