My first Maker Faire. Saw some neat stuff. Good energy. Declan made a write up.

Things to investigate:

CircuitStudio / circuitmaker - circuit design software a la Fusion 360 business model from altium. Windows only? Don’t like that

OctoPart - electronic components footprints and BOM

Mesh - Little IoT buttons and sensors

Sam Zeloof - Smart ass kid making his own IC

Tindie - Can I buy useful boards from here? - Maybe some photogrammetry tips? Hmm. Not anything there yet another really smart kid doing machine learning

Makerlogic - A guy pushing FPGA education. Max10 based board. Not much there yet - 4G enabled rapsberry pi shields - small form factor intel computers and accessories. Keep an eye out for update in realsense in October. - an interesting combo scratch and openscad javascript kind of thing. Also has physics engines?