I’m impressed with the package in the box. Well organanized.

Putting it together took maybe 4 hours, half watching The Wire.

The x-axis screw is not fitting. I’m hoping the end is just ground incorrectly.

Nope. This has been a huge pain. They sent me the wrong screw. There are 8mm 4mm and 2mm pitch T8 rods. They have 1 2 and 4 starts to their threading. I have bought the maximal number of incorrect rods. I now have in posession the 4mm pitch rod I need. Figuring this out has set me back a month and another 30$. I am annoyed.

There is a crack in the z-axis printed part. Epoxy should fix it.

open up arduino serial monitor

115200 baud both NL & CR

$$ (view Grbl settings)
$# (view # parameters)
$G (view parser state)
$I (view build info)
$N (view startup blocks)
$x=value (save Grbl setting)
$Nx=line (save startup block)
$C (check gcode mode)
$X (kill alarm lock)
$H (run homing cycle)
~ (cycle start)
! (feed hold)
? (current status)
ctrl-x (reset Grbl)

Hmm. LinuxCNC is more complicated than I thought. It seems installing it on my regular ubuntu 14.04 is not an option without a lot of dangerous futzing. Uses a real-time special kernel.


whenever it didn’t work i apt-get installed whatever was missing.

I also had to add a non redistributable when that error came up.


Two Control Guys. One in python one in java



Pycam and Blendercam do 3d models. Pycam appears to be defunct


go to folder and make.

The website seems wrong. The links aren’t.

Build error


I added
#include <stddef.h>
to Edge.h.




Inkscape gcodetools.



Openscam (now called camotics?) is a path simulator.


S1000 sets the spindle speed

M3 turns spindle on

M5 turns off

even 0.2 depth is a little deep

home. reset

turn on the spindle