Hackathon: Matter.js

For the Brown hackathon, we made a multiplayer browser video game called Enceladus using node, raw javascript, socket.io, and matter.js as a physics engine.


I think we’ll keep working on it, so I’ll post more when it isn’t a pile of Hackathon garbage.

Here are some scattered, totally worthless to anyone else notes as I started exploring the documentation of Matter.js:

Engine.update updates by dt


Bodies – factory methods for creating new bodies

Bounds – Axis aligned bounding box = min and max x and y values

Body. whatever lets you set almost anything about a body.

set to static can be useful

bodies hold velocity prev velocity other things. I bet you mostly should not update these values manually.


Common – useful random crap. Random picks random values. chaining seems useful? clone. topological sort. sign function.


Constraint – fix distance between two points. No rotation contraints?


SAT – seperating axis theorem – convex shapes –

SAT (Separating Axis Theorem)


Engine – clear resets



broad phase collision detection?





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