For four years running now we’ve done the fool’s rules regatta in Jamestown as Team Skydog in the unlimited category.

It’s a short boat race where you make a boat in 2 hours out of crap and then race ‘em.

The first year we did trash bags filled with air with a platform. We were told we were very creative. We got incredibly dehydrated and sunburnt that year.

Then next two years we did a catamaran with triangular plywood pontoons held together with zip ties. Here’s some link from last year



This year we did a 2x4 and 2x3 frame with plastic sheeting stapled to the inside. It worked surprisingly well! Nearly unsinkable even when we intentionally punctured huge holes . The wind was blowing out to sea and almost everyone was drifting out to Newport. We got first place this year! We celebrated with bbq and our ice cream bucket prize.

Thoughts for next year: Make a keel / centerboard so we can tack? Maybe that is crazy talk.

Declan’s post on the same event:

So majestic.


Will is the ultimate cutie. Ladies, please apply inside.

Layin’ out the frame

Sky dog ascendent!

Our reward for first place was an unholy bucket of ice cream