Folgertech sent us free replacements for our broken thermistor and two new motor driver boards. Fast response, Fast delivery. Good on you, Folgertech.

So we got it a printin! For a while we were getting stringy garbage that seemed to not really match any problems we found. Problem turned out to be that the print head came preassembled with the gear set screw untightened. Kind of a wonder it was printing at all. Had noticed that manual extrusion was rather sporadic. Maybe should’ve suspected sooner, but I guess I assumed that repetier was being wonky.

The built in slic3r in repetier crashes on my mac for some reason, so I open up an independent instance and use that instead.

Also, SD card printing is preferable. We’ve killed a couple prints when my computer goes to sleep.

We’re using Onshape. It is pretty awesome. Ben whipped out some mounts for our lcd screen in like 10 minutes. Then we didn’t have enough M3 nuts, so we printed them. PLA is soft enough that it can be threaded by the screw. Needed to be 105% scaled in Slic3r.

Also press fit some spare 606Z bearings into a little cup. No scaling needed. Also press fit a little 6mm cylinder into the center. Not an insanely permanant tight press fit, but definitely needs so force to take out.

Made some cubes, some octopusi, a sloth.

Onwards and upwards!