SQL at it's core is expressions of the form SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE .... This makes it more query language like than programming language like. Most programming languages have a more recursive structure.

Extensions to SQL can do all sorts of crazy things.

  • SQL is multiset based, datalog is set based (typically)
  • SQL gives variable names to rows, datalog gives variable names to row entries.
  • Datalog allows variables to share names defining an implicit equality constraint

SQL is a useful language to perform macro operations on databases. Datalogs can be built upon a SQL interface. This isn't persay even inefficient, since the processing of the SQL text overhead will often be small compared to the manipulation of the database itself.

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Recursive Common Tables Subexpressions

Recursive Common Table Subexpressions enable the descrpition of an extremely limittied form of datalog.

Triggers might possibly be usable to do certain datalog like tasks