Berlin has the overcast of its history hanging over its tourist experience.

We visited the holocaust memorial, and the topography of terror, checkpoint charlie, the Stasi museum, and the wall in various spots. Very sad and disturbing. Very recent. Not clear to me that it can’t happen again. Not to be alarmist, but I do see parallels to early thirties Germany and the US now. The nazis were very shitty for a long time before It’s crazy that the wall fell.

On a lighter note, we went out to a techno club and regular club on Tuesday night. They stay open all night, which is pretty neat. I got the closest I’ve ever been to getting in a fight as an adult with two British? jerk offs.

there are big cool buildings. Reichstag, victory column, Brandenburg gates, big tv tower thing, museum island.

we also went on a graffiti walking tour. Berlin does have tons of graffiti, some of which is very good.

we ate lots of sausage. Why not. The pretzels were just pretzels.