ROS: robot operating system

I was following mac install instructions

, but the pip instruction failed. I turned off the anaconda distro I recently installed by commenting out the line in my ~/.profile file

assimp.hpp not found or some stuff

brew info assimp

brew install ros/deps/pyassimp

I give up on mac. It sucks. Using an ubuntu virtual box. Setup is super easy. Mostly just a apt-get

So what is ROS? Well, my impression is that it’s focus is kind of like unix piping. It’s a uniform interface you can use to ram little chunks of programs into one another.

But also the community just has a bunch of robotics programs





Check this out Depending on how well this works could be pretty cool.

You need to be running roscore in another window for stuff to work

Install instructions here

had problems at catkin_make


Okay the problem I had was that a weirdo python distro had been install doing something else (Goddamn you Moose. What gives you the right?), so I removed it and had to rerun all the workspace creation stuff. Now we’re good




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