• Sfepy

  • Fenics

  • BEM++

  • OpenFoam

  • Elmer

  • Moose

  • Code-Aster

  • Gerris

  • ASL

  • meshpy

  • SolidPython

  • Salome

  • FreeCad

  • KiCad

  • Qucs

  • Skidl

I kind of cribbed from the wikipedia CAE listing

I think it would be cool to integrate all of these better. Simulate full EM equations.

Fenics uses Docker now? My how the world turns.

So that’s nice. Docker for Mac got slick as hell.

docker ps -a lists all guys

docker run -it –rm ubuntu

docker info

-v shares folders

They wrote stuff to this all for you

Sfepy also seems nice though. I hope that two seemingly equal options doesn’t cripple me.

I had to reinstall mayavi and vtk in order to get it working. I was just ripping at my distros. Hope that doesn’t bite me later.

Installed openfoam docker image


$FOAM_TUTORIALS is a variable with tutorial location

cp -R elbow ~/OpenFOAM/elbow

The 0 directory is the starting time drectory

has a file with the name of fields

pressure and velocity in this case



icoFoam runs simulation



switch to geometry mode.

STEP files preferred?

Create new entity

select surfaces that you want special

go into mesh mode

msh -> create mesh


Hypothesis sets paramters

Warning triangle right click compute mesh

create group


group on geometry

select wall from before

right click and export unv file

ideasUNVToFoam convertst this to an openfoam file