Analytic Center in Python using Scipy and Numpy

The analytic center for a set of inequalities \phi(x)<0 is the minimizing position of \sum -\ln (-\phi(x)) . In particular it is often used with linear inequalities. It gives a reasonable and easily computable for convex constraint function center of the region. The hessian at that point can give you a reasonable ellipse that approximates the region too (both interior and exterior approximation).

I wrote a program for linear inequalities. It is not particularly robust. First I get a feasible point using the LP solver in scipy. Then I give the appropriate gradients and Hessians to a newton conjugate gradient solver in scipy. It does return a reasonable center, but I had to fiddle with some epsilons to avoid logarithms exploding and to avoid the hessian being so big it overwhelms the gradient. Possibly a couple burn in steps of gradient descent might help, or getting a feasible point that isn’t optimal since the optimal points being on the boundary is a huge problem. If the newton solver comes back with only 1 or 2 iterations, it probably failed.


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