See also note on Parsing regularexp

Determinization - turn nondeterministic automaton to deterministic Tree Automata Techniques and Applications

E-Graphs, VSAs, and Tree Automata: a Rosetta Stone slides merge only rules

Computing regex from automata Kleene’s algorithm Tarjan’s algorithm Basic algorithm of going back an forth is simple. Consider edges to be labelable by regexs. regex is equal to simple 2 state automata then with 1 edge You can eliminate states by performing the product of their in and out edges. You can create states and edges by expanding the regexp. Sequence is a new intermiedtae state. alternate is two parall arrows

Myhill Nerode theorem Pumping Lemma

Automata minimization - Partition refinement Separate into separate sets those which are definitely distinguishable (the remaining in same partition may or may not be). Things that transition into distinguishable things are distinguishable from each other

Datalog partition refinement? Sets. Things definitely not in set.

DAWG - transitions are single labelled edges. Transitions are