Knife Bot

Knife bot. Hide your children and wives and dogs.

It’s a hot glued arrangement of servos and home depot painter sticks (they’re free!)


We used python and numpy to solve for the needed angles as a function of the end position. We were having trouble with getting angles that are in the -np.pi/2 to np.pi/2 range until the suggestion of using [0,np.pi/2] as the initial position. In hindsight, a more robust method would be to make a loop attempting a set of reasonable starting positions, and accept them if they were attainable. Or to attempt a random set of initial conditions. Your choice. For only 2 variables, the computer will just chew that problem up. If you had 10 actuators, maybe you’d have more problems.

Turns out random angles mode was more fun though.

This is the arduino code. Servos are on 9,10,11

We dialed in the Zero and Ration numbers by iteratively try to get angle 0 and 90 degrees manually over the serial monitor for each servo in turn.

The command strings is in the format

Comma separated angles for each motor in radians.





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